Dental Extractions in Lloydminster

At Smiles Works Dental Group, our dental team makes every effort to preserve patients’ natural smiles. However, when advanced dental decay or trauma compromise teeth, it may be necessary to remove the source of the problem to avoid complex issues in the future. Our dental practice provides tooth extractions in Lloydminster by utilizing an attentive and compassionate approach to patient care.

Reasons for Dental Extractions

Relieving uncomfortable dental problems is our dentist’s goal. A tooth may need to be removed if a patient experiences a painful, persistent toothache that cannot be alleviated through a root canal or other restoration. In many instances, it may be more proactive and cost-effective to extract the troublesome tooth and discuss replacement options with our Lloydminster dental professionals. This allows treatment to follow a timeline that is both convenient and affordable for patients while resolving urgent concerns.

There following dental issues may call for the removal of a failing tooth:

  •  Extensive decay
  • Significant fracture
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Advanced gum disease

Our dentists can recommend extractions as a part of a larger treatment plan to improve dental health. After teeth are removed, they can be replaced with implants, partials, or traditional bridges. Additional restorations and cosmetic procedures can be recommended to support aesthetic results.  

While impacted wisdom teeth are not removed due to decay or injury, they can pose a threat to your oral health. Impacted third molars may shift surrounding teeth causing malocclusions and an uncomfortable bite, as well as increase risk of infection.

Tooth Removal at Smile Works Dental Group

Before advising a tooth extraction procedure, our Lloydminster dentists perform a thorough examination of your dental anatomy. They evaluate the compromised tooth and the surrounding areas to determine how tooth removal will affect the rest of your smile. With X-ray images, our dentists can map the position of the nerves and sinuses, which supports a successful extraction procedure. One of our dentists will sit down with the patient to discuss why removal of the tooth is necessary, which allows patients to be part of their treatment and helps them feel comfortable moving forward.

Restoration options are then reviewed to determine which teeth replacement method suits the patients’ dental needs and expectations.

Contact Our Lloydminster Dental Practice!

Our group of doctors enjoys providing dental care to maintain patients’ oral health. At Smile Works Dental Group, our team provides extractions to prevent the progression of dental issues and protect your smile. To determine if a damaged tooth or painful toothache requires removal, call our dental office.  


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